Alpha Black Notes

The alcoholic truth

More than 30 years ago, a self-proclaimed alcoholic told me "you don't see your obstacles until you take your mind off your goals." That he was a self-proclaimed alcoholic in no way diminishes the value of what he said to me. Truth comes through drunk people every day; their compromised condition doesn't make their sobering statements any less potent.
It should be noted here that this Black Man was actually drunk when he served me with these words of wisdom.  He was so drunk that mucous was forming in and around his eyes as saliva slipped without permission from his mouth.  His breath smelled like vomit was approaching his throat yet nothing kept his truth from being a truth that all Black Men should heed.
"You don't see your obstacles until you take your mind off your goals."
While there is probably some "approved" process to calculate and estimate the number of Black Male alcoholics in the world, there is probably less accurate a means to estimate the number of Black Men living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It's possible that more than nine out of ten Black Men globally are plagued by the condition called ADHD. And to be sure, I am not talking about ADHD as defined by some DSM definition of the condition.  I'm talking about that "normal" everyday state of destabilization that keeps Black Men from accessing and remembering how much natural independent "God" power they have. I'm talking about the comprehensive state of destabilization brought on by a persistent media attack, lack of internal direction and loss of faith and purpose.
In my book "Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men," I quote the incomparable Dr. Amos Wilson.
"What makes you want a thing?" Wilson asks rhetorically . "Your wants and desires are induced."
Induced, Wilson said. Purposefully planted. Like foreign seeds in a native soil.
A quote from iconic entrepreneur Steve Jobs may help to deepen this exploration.  Jobs once said: 
" Customers don't know what they want until we've shown them."
Replace the word "customers" with the words "Black Men" for full effect.  I am in no way implying that Jobs was talking about Black Men or Black people; his quote is still useful here.
Customers (Black Men) don't know what they want until we've shown them.
 It's like saying customers (Black Men) have no purpose in life or nothing to do or be until it is defined for them. It's like saying "when we tell them what to do, only then will they know what to do."
For Black Men living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it is hard to develop goals  - let alone keep eyes on goals - because their desires about everything are induced from the outside not the inside. What they desire is what others tell them to desire. Black Men are being programmed so consistently - so comprehensively that the authenticity of even our deepest desires are dubious and destructive. It would seem that even our goals are obstacles to self-awareness and liberation.
From the least "publicly educated" to the most "privately educated" Black Men are hooked - like junkies - on the ever-shifting drugs of materialism, social media and social status. We move at the will and whim of wicked winds contrived by others to keep us way off course.
We are consistently told who to trust, how to love, what to learn, where and when to go and why to breathe. And since the answers to these questions change rapidly and radically, we have difficulty keeping up with the new prescriptions. And that is the strategy of those who serve our poison:  to make the followers consistently confused in their conformity.
Black Men keep wanting in the constricted context of how life has been presented to us. We have accepted the meaning as others have defined that meaning. We debate, strategize and lose sleep thinking about the best ways to get educated, get jobs and fit into systems that repel us.
We have short attention spans. Our goals are misguided. Our development has been arrested. We can't see God. We don't see goals.  We see graves.
You want a solution, right?
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