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I Forgive University is an emerging forum for The Practice of Forgiving. Founded by Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter, I Forgive University (IFU) seeks to redefine the power of forgiving by revealing the simple nature of this profound process. 

IFU offers individual instruction, group workshops, corporate consultation and retreat sessions.  Under Mr. Slaughter’s leadership, IFU aims to be a global force for spreading the gospel of forgiving.  From corporations to classrooms and from high school students to senior citizens, IFU works to support practitioners who seek to make forgiving their lifestyle of choice.


A Cosmic Brand

Forget what you know about forgiving

An essay by  Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter

Clarice said "Be Better."

Forget what you know about forgiving for a while. Just totally forget your past ideas. Give me your consideration here and now and maybe we can find a new way to be or not to be through what I call The Ultimate Practice called Forgiving.

Some people say forgiving is a response. Some say forgiving is a reaction. Some people say forgiving is all about the past or backward-focused. Some say forgiving is all about coming to terms with something that happened.

I disagree. I disagree deeply and strongly.

I say forgiving is now. Forgiving is a choice – a sustainable shift in perspective that will change the thoughts, feelings and actions you are living with right now. Forgiving can only be related to now and can only happen now because we can’t change what happened. And even if we attempt to impact what will happen in the future, we must do it now.  

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Free worksheet downloads for practice

This is The Forgiving Practice Worksheet. It’s the basic, daily download sheet for those interested in forgiving as a daily practice. Even if practice does not make you perfect, we believe consistent daily forgiving practice will make you better and better at everything you do. If you do this practice enough you won’t have to reread this sheet every day. But rereading this sheet daily certainly won’t hurt; imagine the possible benefits if you do read it everyday.

There is unlimited forgiving philosophy to espouse. While the philosophy is extremely important, we’ve done our best to limit it on this worksheet. It is a worksheet after all and not a “white paper” or talking points.

For daily and consistent insights into forgiving visit Ulysses’s blog posts at ulyssesbutchslaughter.com. 

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Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter hosts A Course in Forgiving for individuals and groups. Contact him today for information about how he can impact your community. 
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