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From my parents to my purpose
On June 25, 1978 at the age of 12, I listened as my father Ulysses, Sr. shot and "killed" my mother Clarice in our South Side Chicago apartment. For more than three decades, I battled doubt, rage and self hatred believing that I could have prevented my mother's death. Gradually, my inner turmoil turned into outward rage toward my father.  I stalked him and vowed one day to kill him.

Eventually, my father and I reunited and reconciled. And ultimately, a painful phase with my father slipped into the past and I was left with the core and clear challenge of redefining myself on new terms.  Both my mother and father physically departed, I could no longer avoid a critical confrontation with myself:  I wanted to find purpose, a reason why I should take each and every breath.  My relationship with my parents was only part of the puzzle. My relationship to the universe is the entire puzzle.
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Clarice said "Be better."
When I was a boy, I would always ask my mother when I would be old enough to fight my father. She said "never...I want you to be better."
Crime reports
This is a copy of an original document from the day my father shot my mother. Discovering this document put me on a path toward forgiving.
Family reunion
Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves
My father surrounded by my children in his first and only visit to see them. He passed away two months after visiting.
Just two months before my father passed away, he stood with me and two of my sons to discuss our family's journey toward reconciliation. It was the first and only time he would visit us.
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