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"Your children come through
you, not from you."

-Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet, (On Parents)
Rising from the dead
Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter is an emerging global thought leader advocating radical, relentless reconciliation through The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving. It is through his incredible real life experiences, not lofty philosophies or academic research, that he supports, informs and inspires thousands around the world. He has appeared on
The Oprah Winfrey Network and The Dr. Phil Show.
"Master Your Journey."
Ulysses presents power at the Bryn Mawr College Forgiveness Conference May 2017.  Read the article.

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"From my parents to my purpose."
On June 25, 1978 at the age of 12, I listened as my father Ulysses, Sr. shot and "killed" my mother Clarice in our South Side Chicago apartment. For more than three decades, I battled doubt, rage and self hatred believing that I could have prevented my mother's death. Gradually, my inner turmoil turned into outward rage toward my father.  I stalked him and vowed one day to kill him.

Eventually, my father and I reunited and reconciled. And ultimately, a painful phase with my father slipped into the past and I was left with the core and clear challenge of redefining myself on new terms.  Both my mother and father physically departed, I could no longer avoid a critical confrontation with myself:  I wanted to find purpose, a reason why I should take each and every breath.  My relationship with my parents was only part of the puzzle. My relationship to the universe is the entire puzzle.

Forgive: the new mantra
and practice for Black Men

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Clarice:  A 40-year legacy
I am asking for your support. This year I desire to produce various short films about my last days with my father. This year I desire to speak to men, women and youth about the legacy of my mother and the power of forgiving.

You can invest anywhere from $10 to $5,000 to this effort.  Your investment in me will have an immediate impact thousands. I will send emails, conduct lectures and hold a variety of workshops on the topic of forgiving.  Regardless of the investment amount, I will list your name as a contributor to my efforts and regularly update you on my activities. Your investment will fuel the fire of forgiveness.
"Be better."
My mother provided clarity in a crucial time
My mother's name is Clarice. Her name means beautiful, clear and famous. Even 30 years past her death, her words of clarity were able to inform my behavior in a moment when I thought I was about to attack my father.
Ulysses on Dr. Phil
See the confrontation that changed a family
After 20 years apart, Ulysses and his father, Ulysses Sr, appeared on the Dr. Phil Show to discuss their painful past. This clip shows the crucial confrontation that led to a radical reconciliation and a renewed relationship.