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Heart Threads
Support 40 Years In Forgiving Now!
My Facebook life story video produced by Andie Judson of Heart Threads has been viewed by more than 3,000,000 people in just two days!  Please make a donation or purchase a product at my website to support my forgiveness work. With your help, I can reach 30,000,000! Donate as little as $10 now!
Forgive: The new mantra and practice for Black Men
Signed and shipped directly from the hands of Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter, Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men incorporates The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving with insightful essays about Black Men who have influenced the author's lifestyle of forgiving. An excellent tool for Black Men - young and older. And an excellent primer for those interested in the author's work.

Paperback Book. Cost $21.95. 
Creating new possibilities
Bringing clarity to dark spaces
Following a powerful personal presentation on the stage of Dr. Phil, Ulysses moved into the world - a man reinvented and dedicated to creating new possibilities for individuals, organizations and communities.
Writer, director and producer of the documentary "A Chester Story," Ulysses uses this film as a cautionary tale about how compromised communities can reinvent through innovation.
Mike Africa Jr. (left) stands with his father, Mike Sr. October 23, 2018, the day the father was released after wrongfully serving 40 years in a Pennsylvania prison. Ulysses is working with Mike Jr. to establish a powerful new reality.
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Stepping into my power
I had to "confront" my father
Before I could authentically show others how to create power, I had to step into my own. In this clip, I confront my father nearly 33 years after he shot and killed my mother.
Showing others the way
Onto Oprah's new network
Almost immediately following my appearance on The Dr. Phil Show, I was on my way to creating the reality series "Reconciled," for The Oprah Winfrey Network. The network struggled and my show was canceled but my mission to create power was far from complete.
Ulysses Presents...
  1. A Course In Forgiving
    A Course In Forgiving
    Take "A Course In Forgiving" with Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter. This 30-minute group call will prepare you to produce power and own your story. Sign up for the next course now.
  2. Whose History Is It, Anyway?
    Whose History Is It, Anyway?
    Ulysses and The Pennsylvania Humanities Council presents a conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning author Steven Hahn about telling difficult history narratives. November 7, 2018 in Chester, PA.
  3. A Chester Story
    A Chester Story
    For the second time this year, Ulysses brings his classic work "A Chester Story" to Penn State Brandywine in Media, PA. A must-see film. November 7, 2018.
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About Ulysses

Global model, creator, innovator

"It is not enough to be a thought leader or great speaker. We have been born to "do" beyond what has been done. Thinking
is overrated and anyone can say fancy words.
We must inspire through action."


  1. For You
    Ulysses offers a variety of self-development workshops, products and tools designed to help you integrate injuries for innovation. Check out his full line of products and services now!
  2. For Youth
    Ulysses has a unique ability to connect with youth around topics related to family, fortitude and forgiving. His story is one that always captivates! Schedule Ulysses for a workshop now.
  3. For Your Company
    Ulysses conducts workshops and engaging lectures designed to inspire and motivate groups toward higher levels of understanding and operation. Learn more about the work now
  4. For Black Men
    A rare story requires a rare storyteller. Ulysses brings an entirely different approach to the conversation of Black male development and potential. Learn more about his work now!
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