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"In order to gain traction in life, you must have a cycle."
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Integrated Communication

Soul Synthesis

Integrating the information

Beyond Reconciliation

What happens when your illusions, intentions, influence, information, interpretations, intuition and illustrations are integrated? Answer? Integrated communication. Dare to explore the words that are coming out of your mouth.
Soul Synthesis is an expansion of awareness that integrates all experience and all possibilities into a harmonious, neverending “free flow” of existence.
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Download overview

Master Your Journey

Creative License

The Navigation Worksheet

"Seeing things as you are..."

 You are the navigator, the evaluator, the master of your journey. At any given moment you have the authority to imagine a new version of yourself and chart a courageous course toward the destiny you desire.
 The phrase “Creative License” means taking privilege or liberty with a factual account. If you don’t already see the contradiction in this definition, it’s no big deal. I’ll take creative license here and elaborate.
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Download overview

Thinking is overrated. You must stretch your imagination.

I Forgive University is your ever-evolving portal for expansion into infinite possibilities. From our group sessions in "A Course in Forgiving" to our personalized "Odyssey Project," I Forgive University has the tools and techniques to help you "Rise From The Dead."

I Forgive University is an emerging forum for The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving. Founded by Ulysses “Butch” Slaughter, I Forgive University (IFU) seeks to redefine the power of forgiving by revealing the simple nature of this profound process.  IFU offers individual instruction, group workshops, corporate consultation and retreat sessions.  Under Mr. Slaughter’s leadership, IFU aims to be a global force for spreading the gospel of forgiving.  From corporations to classrooms and from high school students to senior citizens, IFU works to support practitioners who seek to make forgiving their lifestyle of choice

"His lessons are lived and learned. There is no one like him."

The Odyssey Project is an intensive, exploration into individual desire, discipline, direction and destiny. Building on foundational concepts from A Course In Forgiving, The Odyssey Project uses Creative License to delve deeply into very specific symbols, sayings and life experiences readily available to help you "Master Your Journey." Individualized course structure. Start your Odyssey now!
Based on the essays from the book "Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men," Alpha Black Coaching builds on The Ultimate Practice, incorporates components of The Odyssey Project and honors Black Men who have directly and indirectly influenced the lives of participants. Available both for individuals and groups, Alpha Black Coaching provides depth, detail and distinction. 
Start The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving by signing up for "A Course In Forgiving" with Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter. This 30-minute group call will introduce you to the four-part process that is the foundation of our work.  Following the group call, each participant will receive an individual 30-minute coaching session with Ulysses to determine their next course of action.  Sign up now! Cost $75.
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Model of
A Man!"


To Hate is an intense and authentic dive into a profoundly painful stage of consideration for Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter. A fascinating and sometimes distrubing glimpse into the memories of Ulysses, the film immerses viewers into several childhood incidents of domestic violence that ultimately led to the death of Clarice Slaughter. A sobering and valuable tool. Cost $25.00
Signed and shipped directly from the hands of Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter, Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men incorporates The Ultimate Practice of Forgiving with insightful essays about Black Men who have influenced the author's lifestyle of forgiving. An excellent tool for Black Men - young and older. And an excellent primer for those interested in the author's work. Cost $21.95. 
Signed and shipped directly from the hands of Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter, Odyssey To Save Ulysses: June 25th is the powerful film that chronicles the filmmaker's journey to the doorstep of his father exactly 33 years after listening to his mother Clarice shout her last words "Kill me!" This short and captivating film is an amazing tool for individuals and groups interested in exploring the depths of redemption.