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What I Do

I dare you
From the most risky and radical to the most precious and personal, I have engaged individuals and organizations in reconciliation projects that change minds and landscapes.
I will challenge you
Whether you desire a personal and private breakthrough or a powerful public presentation, I can create the platform for change that will last a lifetime. Contact me .
It's rough but rewarding
  Some people have seen me on The Dr. Phil Show. Some people saw me one night on Oprah Winfrey's Network. Recently millions have seen me on the Heart Threads Facebook Page . People hear me talk about forgiving my father. They hear me talk reconciliation. But talk has gotten me only so far. I work my ass off for my clients. I would do the same for you.

  I come to this work as a man who's walked through many forgiveness fires. My own fire was the initiation.  From the ground up, I created a reconciliation apparatus for the controversial international sex-positive group OneTaste . With few resources, I created The Lazarus Project for a teenager rendered paraplegic by an unknown assailant bullet. The teenager forgave the shooter and challenged him to come forward and engage in work. We're still waiting and remain hopeful. And now I sit at the threshold of a historic reconciliation effort with members of Philadelphia's MOV E and the city's former mayor W. Wilson Goode, Sr.  More than 30 years ago, a bomb took 11 lives and considerable confidence. I am working with a group that aims to restore faith.  My work is never easy, but it is always timely.