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Welcome to my website. I have a lot to share with you here. I'm going to tell you a story . I'm going to tell you about a profound experience in my life. But this website is not really about that experience. This website is about Forgiving: The Ultimate Practice. This website is a resource for you to build a practice that can help you to be bold, brave and boundless.  Forgiving is the way.

"Forgiving is a lifestyle"

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As part of his odyssey to forgiveness, Ulysses, Jr  and his father appeared on The Dr. Phil Show in January 2011 under a program segment entitled "A Parent Confronted." Click the picture to see the segment. They righted their story and so can you. Take "A Course in Forgiveness" with Ulysses at I Forgive University now.


Ulysses Jr and his father traveled 33 painful years toward reconciliation. Even during their years of estrangement, the father and son held a deep and persistent desire for a radical rebirth of their relationship. What do you desire in spite of what others say you should have? Are you ready to set your world on fire? Explore The Odyssey Project now


The above photo shows me, my late father and my two oldest sons, Malcolm and Khalil as we prepare to address nearly 300 people as part of our reconciliation prsentation "Forgiving Our Fathers, Forgiving Ourselves."  See how Black me influenced this action and the production of my book "Forgive: the new mantra and practice for Black Men."
From my parents to my purpose
On June 25, 1978 at the age of 12, I listened as my father Ulysses, Sr. shot and "killed" my mother Clarice in our South Side Chicago apartment. For more than three decades, I battled doubt, rage and self hatred believing that I could have prevented my mother's death. Gradually, my inner turmoil turned into outward rage toward my father.  I stalked him and vowed one day to kill him.
Eventually, my father and I reunited and reconciled. And ultimately, a painful phase with my father slipped into the past and I was left with the core and clear challenge of redefining myself on new terms.  Both my mother and father physically departed, I could no longer avoid a critical confrontation with myself:  I wanted to find purpose, a reason why I should take each and every breath.  My relationship with my parents was only part of the puzzle. My relationship to the universe is the entire puzzle.

Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter
My mother, Clarice, once told me she had no desire for me to fight my father. She didn't want me to take revenge in her name. She didn't want more pain on top of pain. She wanted me to "be better." That is my daily charge. Be better. What's yours?
What is this thing we call life? How do we embrace the experience no matter what comes our way? How can we witness the magic and not fall victim to the tragic? I say we must practice forgiving. Follow my blog "Odyssey to Infinity."
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